Nosound Label Saver Album LP Vinyl Clean Record Cleaning Protector Waterproof Clamp PJ534

Nobsound - Net weight: 240 g / 053 lb packing list: 1× label saver Protector A fantastic kit for all the people who wash their records in the sink. Ultra thick acrylic material, effective protection of records; Premium wooden box, high quality absorbent towelDouk Audio Studio Exclusive patented design, very dense, Quality assurance.

Large nut for easy operation. This handy device keeps the labels dry and gives you a handle to hold and rotate the records under the running tap. Ultra thick acrylic material, very dense, effective protection of records. Innovative r rounded design for favorable drainage.

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Thakker Soft Brush Antistatik Schallplattenbürste mit Samtpolster inkl. Nadelbürste

THAKKER ZB-THAKKER-SAMTBÜRSTE - Hochwertige antistatik Bürste mit Samtpolster inklusive Nadelbürste. Cleaning brush with velvet conering and encloses needle brush for the cleaning of records and diamond-tips.

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